2nd Multidisciplinary Conference on Science and Technology ​(MCST 2018)


Academic Conference Network is pleased to organize the 2nd Multidisciplinary Conference on Science and Technology (MCST 2018) on 13-14 July 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. This conference a platform for both academicians and professionals from multi-disciplinary interests to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. The conference also provide a platform where researchers, professionals, academicians and industries to share and generate forum of the latest researches.


  1. * Author need to choose one journal

All accepted paper will be published in journal:
1) Journal of Engineering and Science Research (JESR) (eISSN :2289-7127(Google Scholar, MyJurnal)
2) Advanced Journal of Technical and Vocational Education (AJTVE) ) (eISSN : 2550-2174)

Option 2 :AENSI Journal
1)Journal of Industrial Engineering Research (JIER)(ISSN:2077-4559)

Call For Papers

 MCST2018 welcomes fundamental and industrial research on highly interesting aspects of:
Electro-Optic Devices and Systems,

·        Lasers and Spectroscopy,
·        Metamaterials, Waveguide Structures, Sensors,
·        Smart Materials,
·        Nanotechnology and its applications
·        Astrophysics and General Relativity,
·        Elementary Particle Physics,
·        Mathematical physics,
·        Bio- and Medical Physics,
·        Radiation Physics
.        Environmental chemistry
·        Industrial chemistry
·        Natural products
·        Materials science and nanotechnology
·        Theoretical and computational chemistry
·        Polymers
·        Organic chemistry
·        Inorganic chemistry
·        Analytical chemistry
·        Physical chemistry
·        Catalysis chemistry
·        Colloids and interfaces
·        Chromatography
·        Spectroscopy
·        Organometallic chemistry
·        Electrochemistry
.        Microbiology
·        Botany
·        Fungi and plant diseases
·        Genetics
·        Physiology
·        Parasitology
·        Hematology
·        immunology
·        Molecular analysis of genetic diseases
·        practical applications in the biological sciences
·        Antimicrobial Resistance
·        Biotechnology
·        Medical Application
·        Systematic Biology
·        Biological and Ecological Relationship
.        Analysis and applicable analysis
·        Algebra,
·        Differential equations (ODEs and PDEs),
·        Numerical analysis,
·        Scientific computing,
·        Approximation theory and representation theory,
·        Mathematical physics,
·        Mathematical methods of engineering,
·        Optimization,
·        Operations research,
·        Linear and nonlinear programming,
·        Modeling and simulation,
·        Mathematical biology,
·        Probability and mathematical statistics,
·        Mathematical economics and financial mathematics,
·        Theoretical computer science,
·        All related topics in mathematical sciences, preferably related to real world applications.
·        Global warming
·        Natural resource management
·        Biodiversity, Flora and Fauna Studies
·        Sustainable use of resources.
·        Integrated Conservation and Development Programme
·        Coastal Zone Management.
·        Pollution,  Urban Environmental Improvement
·        Effects of air pollution on public health
·        Sources of air pollution
·        Air pollution: monitoring, modeling, prevention, control, quality measurement and management .     
·        Chemical Pollutants and its effects on health
·        Land pollution and its effects on health
·        Hazardous materials management
·        Solid waste management
·        Environmental toxicology
·        Risk assessment of contaminated environments
·        Ecosystem restoration
·        Pesticides residuals heavy metals in groundwater and soil